Privacy Policy

  1. What do we collect?

    We collect only what you provide during registration, as well as the minimum information required for logging website access, such as your IP address.

  2. How long will we keep the information I provide to you?
    1. Registration information will be kept for 2 years in order to provide transaction reports (invoice/receipt) for accounting purposes.
    2. Website access information will be kept for 6 weeks.

  3. With whom is my information shared?

    Your information is not shared with any person or group besides the organizers (Cognitive Computational Neuroscience). Personal information such as gender and affiliation will be used only in aggregate for statistical purposes.

  4. What cookies do you use?

    We use cookies to store a persistent login state to our website. The data stored are random values, and no personally identifiable information is stored in the cookies. The cookies are removed when you sign out.

  5. Is my personal information secure?

    Your personal and payment information is encrypted using industry standard technology and can only be accessed by those who need access to do their job.