Submit Late-breaking Research

CCN 2022 is accepting requests for poster presentations of late-breaking research. These presentations are intended as an opportunity for attendees to present new or preliminary research results.

  1. There are a maximum of 20 poster board spaces available for late breaking research.
  2. To allow for diversity of participation, no currently accepted lead authors on CCN 2022 papers are eligible.
  3. For a late-breaking research presentation to be accepted, the lead author must be registered for CCN 2022.
  4. Priority will be given to earlier submissions.
  5. Submissions consist of a title, descriptive paragraph, and author contact information.
  6. Late-breaking research presentations are not peer-reviewed and are not considered as official conference proceedings associated with CCN.
  7. You will be notified if your late-breaking research submission is accepted.
Late-breaking Research Presentation Request