Author Kit

Part I: General Information

Deadlines and Important Dates

Submission Opens11 April 2022
Submission of Regular Papers ClosesFriday, 3 June 2022, 11:59PM EST
Notification of Acceptance (by email)June 24 2022
Author Registration DeadlineJuly 2022

Submission and Review Procedure

CCN 2022 is taking a new approach to the review process. Please read the guidelines below carefully. Paper submission is being conducted in a manner similar to previous CCN conferences:

  • Authors who wish to participate in the conference will create documents consisting of a complete description of their ideas and applicable research results in a maximum of 2 pages, not including references, for technical content and figures.
  • Submit the paper and copyright form (linked below) before the submission deadline.
  • During submission, mark on submission website whether or not you would like your paper to be considered for a talk.
  • CCN requests that first and last authors participate in the review process (all academic levels are welcome). After submission closes, you will be assigned approximately 6-8 submissions to review. You will be notified of assignments, along with reviewer instructions, by email. If you wish to opt out of reviewing, check the appropriate box at submission. Middle authors are welcome to opt in and contribute reviews.
  • Check the CCN 2022 website for the status of your paper. Authors will also be notified of the review results by email.
  • If your paper is accepted, it will be assigned to a session by the program committee.
  • Note that there is a limited time between the anticipated acceptance date and the meeting. CCN aims to accept the majority of submissions, and advises authors planning to attend to consider making travel arrangements, particularly if a visa is required, prior to notification of acceptance.

To make the review process easy for the reviewers, and to assure that the paper submissions will be readable through the online review system, authors should submit papers that are formatted according to the Author Kit instructions included here.

While all submissions will undergo normal review, obtaining a talk will be much more competitive and those submissions flagged for consideration for a talk may undergo additional review. Submissions not accepted for a talk will by default be considered for poster presentation. Authors must explicitly request to withdraw a submission flagged for talk consideration if they do not want to be considered for a poster presentation.


Papers may be no longer than 2 pages, including body text and figures. Note that the title, author listing, acknowledgements, and references do not count towards the 2-page limit. If you have a long author listing, you may optionally insert a page break after the author listing in order to improve the aesthetics of the resulting document. Quality, not length, will be the main factor in selecting oral presentations.

Papers must be submitted by the deadline date. There will be no exceptions.

Accepted papers MUST be presented at the conference by one of the authors according to the published schedule. Note that we do not anticipate a virtual option for posters or contributed talks. At least one of the authors MUST register for the conference, and MUST register before the deadline given for author registration. No author may be the sole presenter of more than one work. Failure to register before the deadline will result in automatic withdrawal of your paper from the conference proceedings and program. Any paper accepted into the technical program, but not presented on-site will be withdrawn from the official proceedings.

Copyright Issues

By submitting your abstract to CCN 2022, you agree to have the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License applied to your work. Under this license, you as the author agree that anyone can copy, distribute, or reuse your article in whole or part for any purpose, for free, as long as the author and original source are properly cited. This facilitates freedom of re-use and ensures that content can be mined without restriction.

CCN places no restrictions on future reuse or publication of content contained within a CCN paper.


Please make sure to put the conference name (CCN 2022) and the paper number that is assigned to you on all correspondence, for example, in email subject headers and email to


If you wish to withdraw your submission, send an email to, and be sure to note your paper ID and copy all authors on the paper. If all authors are not part of the correspondence, they will be asked to confirm the withdraw request.

Part II: Preparation of the Paper


The following style files and templates are available for users of LaTeX and Microsoft Word:

We recommend that you use the Word file or LaTeX files to produce your document, since they have been set up to meet the formatting guidelines listed above. When using these files, double-check the paper size in your page setup to make sure you are using the letter-size paper layout (8.5" X 11"). The LaTeX environment files specify suitable margins, page layout, text, and a bibliography style.

Extended Formatting Instructions

Please see the extended manuscript formatting details page for further details on how the CCN templates are formatted.

File Format

Papers must be submitted in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) format.

PDF and Postscript files:

  • must not have Adobe Document Protection or Document Security enabled,
  • must have 'US Letter',
  • must be in first-page-first order, and
  • must have ALL FONTS embedded and subset.

ALL FONTS MUST be embedded in the PDF file. There is no guarantee that the viewers of the paper (reviewers and those who view the electronic proceedings after publication) have the same fonts used in the document. If fonts are not embedded in the submission, you will be contacted by CMS and asked to submit a file that has all fonts embedded. Please refer to your PDF file generation utility's user guide to find out how to embed all fonts.

Part III: Submission and Review of the Paper

Papers must be submitted in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) format.

The review process will be performed from the electronic submission of your paper. To ensure that your document is compatible with the review system, please adhere to the following compatibility requirements:

File Size Limit

Authors will be permitted to submit a document file up to 5 MB (megabytes) in size. To request an exception, contact the paper submission technical support at:

File Name

The filename of the document file should be the first author's last name, followed by the appropriate extension (.pdf). For example, if the first author's name is Jane Smith, you would submit your file as "smith.pdf". The paper submission process will append the filename with a unique identifier when it is stored on our system, so multiple submissions with the same name will not overwrite each other and will be distinguishable.

Electronic Paper Submission

When you have your document file ready, gather the following information before entering the submission system:

  • Document file in PDF format
  • Affiliation, email address, and mailing address for each author
  • Paper title
  • Text file containing paper abstract text, in ASCII text format (for copying and pasting into web page form)
  • Knowledge of whether you would like your submission to be considered for a talk, which you will have to indicate during submission.

To submit your document and author information, go to the 'Submit a Paper' link in the 'Program Information" menu on the CCN 2022 homepage:

The submission system will present an entry form to allow you to enter the paper title, abstract text, review category, and author contact information.

ALL authors must be entered in the online form, and must appear in the online form in the same order in which the authors appear on the PDF.

After you submit this information, the system will display a page with the data that you entered so that you may verify its accuracy. If you need to change the data to fix a mistake, you may use the back button on your browser to return to the information entry form. Once you approve of the data that you have entered, you may choose your document file for upload at the bottom of the verification page. When you click on the button labeled ‘Continue’ at the bottom of this page, the page will check the filename extension to make sure it matches the submission criteria, then your browser will upload your file to our server. Depending on the size of your file and your internet connection speed, this upload may take a few minutes. At the end of a successful upload, you will see a confirmation page displaying the paper number that is assigned to you, and and email message will be sent to the corresponding authors’ email addresses to confirm that the file has been uploaded. If you do not see the confirmation page after uploading your file, we may not have successfully received your file upload. If you encounter trouble, contact the paper submission support at:

CCN Publication Agreement

All submissions must have a CCN Publication Agreement submitted before the manuscript is allowed to be delivered to reviewers. If the submission is not accepted, the CCN Publication Agreement becomes null and void.

The CCN Publication Agreement is digitally linked to your submission; if you revise/update your paper’s title or author list, the agreement will still apply. There is no need to submit a new CCN Publication Agreement.

Accepted papers will be permanently archived on the CCN website and will be assigned a DOI.

Online Review Process

Your submitted paper will be visually inspected by our submission system staff to assure that the document is readable and meets all formatting requirements.

Monitor Your Submission Status

After you submit your document, you may monitor the status of your paper as it progresses through the submission and review process by using the Paper Status website available at:

Notification of Acceptance

Authors will be notified of paper acceptance or non-acceptance by email as close as possible to the published author notification date. The email notification will include the presentation format chosen for your paper (oral or poster) and may also include the presentation date and time, if available.

The notification email will include comments from the reviewers. The conference cannot guarantee that all of the reviewers will provide the level of comment desired by you. However, reviewers are encouraged to submit as detailed comments as possible.

Because of the short amount of time between paper acceptance decisions and the beginning of the conference, CCN 2022 is not able to allow for a two-way discourse between the authors and reviewers of a paper. If there appears to be a logistical error in the reviewer comments, such as the reviewer commenting on the wrong paper, etc., please contact CCN 2022 at

Required Author Registration

Be sure that at least one author registers to attend the conference using the online registration system available through the conference website. Each paper must have at least one author registered, with the payment received by the author registration deadline (see above) to avoid being withdrawn from the conference.

Part IV: Frequently Asked Questions

Document Formatting

1) The LaTeX Template, Microsoft Word Template, and PDF Sample files do not have the exact margins or measurements as those described in the Author Kit. What are the correct measurements?

1-Ans) The Author Kit description should be considered the final word. Because of software version differences, installed font differences, and other system-specific issues, the final PDF or Postscript file that you create from the given templates may not exactly match the sample manuscript found in the Author Kit. The measurements given in these templates and in the official Author Kit description are not intended to be followed with extreme precision. However, the general structure and layout of the document should be substantially the same as the templates and sample manuscript. The document should be in two-column format with reasonable margins and column spacing, and the font size should be no smaller than 10pt.

2) I need more time to complete my manuscript; I cannot complete it by the published deadline. Can I have an extension?

2-Ans) No. The published manuscript submission deadline was selected so that submitted manuscripts may receive sufficient and thorough reviews and so that presenting authors of accepted papers will have sufficient time to arrange for travel to the event site. By granting an extension, the rest of the development of the technical program would be delayed. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is known well in advance, thus, no extension will be granted for any reason.

Manuscript Submission

3) How will I know if my submission is valid for review?

3-Ans) All submitted manuscripts will be inspected for general adherence to the Author Kit guidelines (i.e. page count limits, page margins, font problems) and submission procedure (i.e. the title on the uploaded file matches the title typed into the web submission form, the author list on the uploaded file matches the author list typed into the web submission form, etc.). Authors designated as “contact author” will be notified by email only if any problems are found. The status of your submission can be checked online at any time using the assigned paper number and an access code.

4) Why did my submission fail document inspection? Can I try again?

4-Ans) There are many reasons why a submitted manuscript might fail the “inspection” process. The inspection failure notification email will contain a description of the problem. The “Revise an already-submitted paper” link on the website will allow for revising of submissions which did not pass inspection. Typically 3-4 days is allowed for corrections to be made in such cases. The most common reasons for inspection failure are:

  • The author list shown on the uploaded document file does not match the author list typed into the online form. These two lists MUST MATCH EXACTLY in author names and the order in which these names appear on the uploaded document.
  • Page numbers appear on the uploaded file. Do not include page numbers in the submitted manuscript.
  • The author list on the uploaded manuscript is blank. Unless explicitly specified otherwise, the review process is not “double-blind”. The submitted manuscript should be in publish-ready format.

5) How can I withdraw or cancel my submission?

5-Ans) Send an email to general support email address requesting the withdrawal of the manuscript. This email MUST include the assigned paper ID and should include in the cc: line all of the authors currently listed on the manuscript. If the latter is not done, then a note will be sent to all authors requesting confirmation of the request as withdrawal of a manuscript can only be done on the agreement of all authors.

6) I recently discovered that I am required to acknowledge the sponsor of my research in order to receive funding, but the deadline for submitting the final manuscript has passed. What should I do?

6-Ans) The deadline for final manuscript submission is firm and was chosen to allow sufficient time for the preparation and production of the conference proceedings in time for distribution at the event. Be sure to check with financial sponsors before the final manuscript submission deadline concerning this potential requirement.

7) Will I get a chance to edit the paper after review?

7-Ans) No.

8) Are submissions accepted to CCN 2022 considered “real papers”?

8-Ans) Submissions to CCN are competitively reviewed. However, papers are either accepted or rejected and are not revised after review. A small number of submissions are offered talks and in addition, we award a Best Paper Award. All accepted papers are assigned a DOI, and authors are welcome to cite accepted CCN papers on grants and CVs.

9) Are the CCN proceedings considered archival in the sense that presenting work at CCN would be an obstacle to publishing this work as a journal article later on?

9-Ans) CCN has no control over whether journal editors will consider content in a CCN paper ‘published’. However, we envision a CCN paper as similar to a pre-print that exists prior to a future, longer journal article. Like a pre-print, a CCN paper can serve as citable content while the publication process is ongoing.

10) My paper has just been accepted for publication in a journal. Can I still send an abstract to CCN based on the same work in the published paper?

10-Ans) Work in review or in press at the time of submission to CCN is acceptable. Work that is already published before the CCN submission deadline is not acceptable.

11) Can an attendee be 1st author on more than one presentation?

11-Ans) Yes. However, attendees must limit themselves to a single presentation at the conference. For example, a post-doc may be 1st author on two posters but can only present one. A co-author must present the other poster.


12) The members of our team have not yet decided who will be the one(s) to attend and present our paper(s), but the author registration deadline is approaching. Can we change the name of the person registered later on?

12-Ans) One substitute is allowed for a registration. Please have the original registered person reply to the registration confirmation email and request to transfer his or her registration to someone else. Be sure to include the full contact information for the substitute. Such requests must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the event.